The Season Opener

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter.  Cold (40s F/5-6 C), with a thin, grudging, relentless rain yesterday, today, and–so it seems–tomorrow.

My subconscious chose to celebrate the seasonal shift with my first ironman dream.  Yes, I know, I haven’t started the training yet, have yet to survive Marine Corps, but there’s no stopping a properly fueled subconscious.

. . .I’d made it through most of the race just fine.  The way this particular race was organized we were allowed to run half of the marathon and then take a break.  But while everyone else stood around talking and eating and swapping stories, I had to shower, get dressed, and go and pick up members of my family at the airport, feeling all the while every muscle in my body gradually tightening up, the race itself falling out of focus. . .

I’m not intimidated by the training.  I trust the Team Z coaching program because I’ve seen the proven results for people from so many different backgrounds and starting ability levels.  I trust the coaches.  I trust my team mates.

Clearly, however, some part of my brain is already worrying about the word that I tossed into the sub-title of my blog as a–so I thought then–afterthought.


How is this huge physical and mental commitment going to mesh with the rest of my life?

For now, it’s back to alternating between staring at the watery color shifts on my monitor and the pixelated drizzle outside.


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