Important Tip for New Triathletes and Wannabe Ironmen

Your swim workout will be much improved if you start by putting on your swimsuit the right way round.

Fortunately, I figured out why my suit was riding so high at the front before I left the locker room and, more importantly, before I had to bend over to do anything.

Ironman training is all in the details.

In other news, this was the first week where I started to a) add in some strength training (a sadly neglected component of my training in years past), and b) do two workouts on some days.  As a result I’m tired and I ache in places where I didn’t even know I had muscles.  Actually, I probably don’t have muscles there–with “there” meaning “anywhere above the waist”–which explains why I ache.  Growing pains, of a sort.

I also almost perhaps maybe tentatively felt something vaguely like a sense of rhythm in the pool last night.  And no, I’m not Catholic, and no, I wasn’t wearing my headphones and listening to Graceland.

Then again, I may have been mistaken.


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