I may make it to IM MOO. . .

. . .but at this rate my bike won’t.


Mabel and I after last weekend’s 40mile encounter with rain, cold, and the abundant sand spread across the roads of Montgomery County.

I’d had the presence of mind to put a wet weather lube on the chain the day before, even though it wasn’t supposed to rain until later in the day (ha!).  However, by the end of the ride the chain was the only thing that was working properly.  Brakes were gummed up, rims were coated with crap, neither derailleur was shifting properly, and I wasn’t working properly either (I had grit in places that you wouldn’t think would be accessible to the outside elements: it was like I’d spent a day at the beach).

Overdressed my core with the result that my hands and feet were cold, but not the blocks of ice that some of my compadres ended up with.

It certainly helps to have a partner who greets you at the end of the ride with a pre-warmed car, coffee and half a hot sandwich.

I need to beg Mabel’s forgiveness.  Maybe she needs a present to make it up to her.  Valentine’s day is coming up, and I’m sure compact cranks or a set of race wheels would ensure that I’m back in her good graces.


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