Labor Day

A lot of last minute things today.  Finished repairing the major surface repairs in my wetsuit, for example.  Also spent some time going over the bike.  Conte’s did a great job with the tune-up; I’ve tested the bike on our last two rides and nothing seems amiss.  So today I spent time making sure the bolts on things like the bottle cages were tight, cleaning the frame and applying a layer of silicone polish, cleaning the braking surfaces with rubbing alcohol, and cleaning and lightly oiling chain and derailleurs.  We’ll be doing a short pre-race ride once in Madison which will serve as the final check.

So far, a relative air of calm seems to be prevailing in the household.  Hopefully that will persist when I get to Madison and I won’t be inspired to undertake a rockstar-like trashing of my hotel room.

My Plan B for the Swim

I received a great well-wisher card recently from my mother-in-law.

Don't Worry, Dad!

In case it isn’t clear in the post (you can click to enlarge), the card reads: “Wait for me, Dad!  I’m coming, I’ll help!”  I think the inspiration for this was my description of Tina’s rather reluctant entry into an aqueous environment just prior to my very first Tri.  As Mary has discovered, she can only be induced to enter the water if she is convinced that you are in need of rescuing.  Her strategy is then to swim out to you, and beat the daylights out of you until you agree to accompany her back to the shore.

Ironman Madness

Every so often the craziness of an Ironman just hits me.  One of those moments was when I stood there staring at the amount of stuff I was taking for the race.

Ironman Packing

How many races am I packing for?

At the back we have piles for the following: swim, run special needs, run, bike, bike special needs.  In the foreground we have the “miscellaneous shit” pile that includes clothes for after the race, substitute clothing to go into bags should the weather forecast indicate the onset of Winter, etc.  And there are still a few items missing.


5 responses to “Labor Day

  1. Hi Mark,
    You don’t know me but I work with Damaris in ChCh, she posted your blog link on Facebook so I came to check it out! We had talked about Ironman during her 1-1 as I have done 2 now and am training for my 3rd. I remember packing my race bags as well and wondering if I had remembered everything including extra layers in case it was cold etc! Have fun on race day, remember you have done all the hard yards now and race day is the fun part so go out there and enjoy yourself 🙂 I look forward to hearing how it goes!
    Cheers, Nadine

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Nadine. I’m just at that twitchy can’t-wait-to-be-getting-on-with-it stage. Which IMs did you do? We’ve talked about IM NZ, but the seasonal mismatch makes the training a little dodgy on our end (I max out at about 3.5 hours on a trainer).

      • Hi,
        I did IMNZ in 09, was the 25th anniversary of the race so was a pretty special event that year. In Jan this year I did the Challenge race at Wanaka, very diff atmosphere, much smaller race. They have a teams race as well and I think there was only something like 160 individual entrants.
        Off to Taupo again in March to do IMNZ again. And yep I have the M-Dot tattoo, Damaris was talking about so I showed her mine which gave her a laugh.
        Would love to do an IM overseas at some stage, a couple of girls here are heading over to do Utah next year, that one looks pretty challenging with the terrain etc there.

      • Hard to say about St. George since it was only run for the first time this year. But yes, the stories coming out of there made it seem very hard. You may have seen this comparative chart of some of the major Ironman races. There are a few qualifications in the article, but it is interesting nonetheless. Fast here doesn’t necessarily equate to easy (See Kona), and it may also reflect the depth of the Tri communities there (Aussie and NZ).

  2. Here we go…!

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