A Few Words

To all my Team Z IM MOO brethren and sisteren

If you’ve been following my blogging efforts to date then you might understandably be sceptical that I am capable of only a few words. But if I can go 140.6 miles then surely brevity is not beyond me.

There are many ways of describing what we’ve been through: a journey, a process, an epic odyssey of pain and suffering. . . But whatever it has been, however you want to describe it, it has been shared.

The main thing I wanted out of this year was the chance to participate in this kind of shared experience. And I’ve had that. It has been a pleasure getting to know those of you I didn’t know before and a privilege getting to know older friends better.

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. We can guarantee that there will be surprises. There will be heartaches great and small. But there will also be joy and many of those joys will take us unaware.

Not to take anything away from anyone who has ever done an Ironman, but we will (hopefully for many years to come) have something that no one else from our neck of the woods has had. We have trained for this through the snowiest Winter on record. We have trained for this through the hottest area summer on record. And we’re here.

We already know we’re made of steel. Tomorrow, let’s go and become iron.


2 responses to “A Few Words

  1. Giddyup! Let’s go get ’em, Mark!!!

  2. Best of luck Mark! We will be following your progress online.

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