Sherpa observations

Hi all – Mary here with her first guest blog post. We’ve been in Madison since Thursday (it’s Saturday now for those of you in NZ) and we’ve really enjoyed out time here. Today it’s drizzly and cold but the rest of the time has been warm without being too warm with a nice breeze. Tomorrow looks like perfect weather – cool in the morning and warmer later on.

I think Madison has been taken over by Team Z – we’re everywhere. Walking down the street, in the elevator, at the expo. It’s neat having so many good friends around us. And best of all are the teammates who have flown or driven in just for the race. Wonderful.

Mark is amazingly calm. He’s following a detailed plan and executing it like the D-Day landings. He’s just finished his last swim bike run brick and about to head down to rack his bike. Then it’s feet up until an early dinner. Then an early night. Teaka and I will likely go out on the town. No early night for us! The coffee bars are too good for us to miss them.

More later!


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