Up and at ‘em!

Waterproof mascara: check. Wait … this is supposed to be about Mark. Let’s try again.

Crap hotel coffee: check. Special needs bags for miles 58.4 and 125: check. Bathroom needs (aren’t I delicate?): check.

It’s 4:30 am and we’ve been up for 30 mins and about to head out the door. Mark is still calm and I’m just sleepy. Can’t wait to get the day started.

Warning – there’s no coverage out on the bike course, so you’ll all be on your own in about 7 hours once I head out there.

Speaking of which – back to your intrepid Sherpa.

Snuggie: check. Cow hat: check. Wooly gloves: check (it’s 51 degrees for crying out loud!)

We’re off. Yipppppppeeeeeee!!!!!

Good luck love. And good luck everyone. Trust your training and enjoy the day. I can’t wait to hear the stories.


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