Updates galore

OK friends and family, a lot has happened since last we met. My posse and I *just* caught Mark at the 40 mile point as we were turning into the parking lot. He looked good. As he did at the 80 mile mark. The second 40 took about 20 mins longer than the first side it’s significantly hillier.

After the last two Zers rolled through, knowing they were going to have to time trial the last 30 miles to make the cutoff, we hoofed it back into town. We walked the mile of the run course backwards to the bike cutoff line and hung out waiting for the last of our teammates to come in. And as expected it was incredibly emotional. The last three Zers came in the last 15 mins. One missed by 5 mins (with two flat tires) and one by 15. Th last one is one of my peeps. The fact that she signed a waiver refusing to be swept by the sweep vehicle and continued on to finish the course makes me incredibly proud. That’s the stuff of an Ironman.

I saw Mark at about mile one and I have to tell you, he wasn’t looking happy. He said his stomach hurt. After picking up his gear and Mabel, I just saw him again at about mile 12. He definitely looke happier but described himself as “numb”. He’s totally or this. One half marathon to go. Another 30 mins and I’ll see him again

Over and out for now.


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