A Little Christmas Spirit

At the recent Potomac River Running Christmas celebration we met local DC blogger Monica Gray.  Every week she asks a question: “What is hard about ___?”  This week she asked “What’s Hard About Running?”.  And Mary and I were foolish enough to answer!  Fortunately, we only ended up as a couple of soundbites.  It’s a fun piece.  I hope you all get a kick out of it and that it inspires everyone to reflect on their accomplishments this year and their goals for the new one.

Yuletide Felicitations!


One response to “A Little Christmas Spirit

  1. Hi Mark – Thanks so much for sharing the “What’s Hard About Running a Race?” video! It was such a pleasure meeting you and Mary. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog (how, by the way, did you get these snowflakes to fall!? very cool!).

    As I read your last entry, I was struck by the line: “Flashes of amusement can be had in 140 characters or less but nothing that will finally feed your soul.” Reading this inspired me to explore producing some longer form “What’s hard about it?” videos. So thank you for that!

    Best of luck with your training. I’m looking forward to reading your future posts!


    PS – Please send my best to Mary too. And let her know that I whenever I see the word “PINK” on a girl’s butt…I will, forever more, think of her.

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