The Balance Sheet

The first truly long ride for me for the season (which I define as 80 plus), a nice little jaunt with the team out of Davidsonville, about as flat as it gets around these parts.  I was looking forward to a great day out, but it was decidedly a day of mixed blessings.  Let’s break it down.

Pro: The bike racks on the new car work great (we were worried the vehicle would be a bit tall). . .
Con:. . .if you can ignore the banshee screaming that we now have at anything over than 20mph.  Further development is clearly in order.

Con: The day started off with a flat rear tire in the parking lot.
Pro: Bike tire change was lightning fast.
Pro: It should have been fast because yesterday I got plenty of practice replacing all four tires on Mary’s and my bikes.
Con: While replacing the bike tires I managed to put three out of four of them on backwards (in my defense directional bike tires often have the mounting direction on the sidewall; in this case the manufacturer obviously assumed that any moron should be able to tell from the angled direction of the tread.  Not this moron, I guess).
Pro: The new tires (Vittoria Rubino Pro III’s) get two thumbs up.  Light, roll well, nice grip in the turns, and 150 TPI definitely feels a whole lot better than 110 (as with sheets, with tires thread count makes a huge difference).

Con: My Garmin speed/cadence sensor just quit working.  Tried the re-starting thing, replaced the battery, nada.  It’s gerfukken.
Pro: I remembered the sunscreen!  And it worked.

Pro: Spent the first 15 miles blasting along with a good group at almost 20 miles an hour.
Con: Had to bail from said group to phone Mary; realized that I’d left my car keys back in the car and wouldn’t be able to get back in to re-stock my nutrition at the halfway point unless arrangements were made.
Pro: Arrangements were made.
Pro: Biking the whole way by yourself rather than with a group gives you a realistic appraisal of your fitness.
Con:  Biking the whole way by yourself rather than with a group gives you a realistic appraisal of your fitness.

84 miles in a little under 5 hours and about 2400 feet of climbing in some great weather, but for some reason today I just wasn’t feeling the awesome.  Spent most of the day in zone 2 and my overall average was low zone 2, but I would have expected the pace to be a little higher and my legs really started to feel tired by the end.  The bike fit seems to be working well; I’m getting a much more efficient pedaling stroke, and it seems to have taken care of the lower-back pain.  But I definitely need more time in the saddle overall because my arse was not happy.

All-in-all I think the extra 20 miles and (gulp) 8000 feet of climbing next weekend are going to be. . .interesting.


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