Will Bike for Coffee!

Cycling with Coffee

Hey, buddy! Next time get the one with cupholders! Photo by tejvanphotos (Creative Commons License).

Now here’s a fun way to spice up your fall biking. . .assuming that fall ever does decide to put in an appearance in our region.  Mary G., a local randonneur (well, technically, randonneuse because, you know, the French are sticklers for that sort of thing) has just published the rules for her 6th Annual Coffeeneuring challenge.  In a nutshell, this involves biking to seven different coffee shops over the next seven weeks, documenting the adventure, and then sending the results in for a small (a very small: no one is going to retire to Aruba on this one) prize.  Rides can be as long or as short as you like, coffee can be good or bad.

There are a few more rules which you can check out on Mary’s Chasing Mailboxes blog.  But this is a great activity for this region as we begin to wind back the riding intensity a little (well, except for those of you gearing up for the madness that is Cross).  This challenge is a reminder that biking is about more than just training and competing; that in fact it is most valuable emotionally and psychologically when it is about exploring your world, seeking out new experiences.  The rules are there simply to motivate you and to make it a challenge.  So don’t be a grumpy fuck about it like this guy.

As the rules note, you are free to incorporate additional themes into your rides.  And you can also employ additional restrictions as long as they honor the spirit of coffeeneuring.  So I would suggest that probably should include not counting a cup of brown water from your local McDonalds as a trip to a coffee shop.  For me I will also not count any trip to a Starbucks.  We are lucky in this region that there are still a few coffee shops that aren’t owned by the Giant Mermaid of Doom.

Go long, go short, but whatever you do, do it for coffee!

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