Living in the Past

This is where I come every now and again to relive my glory days.  If you don’t want to relive my glory days with me. . .get your own blog!

2012 Race Result
Virginia Duathlon: 2:00:32 (PR)
Strasburg Duathlon: 1:50:44, 3rd in AG
GW Parkway 10 miler: 1:23:01
Kinetic Half-Iron: 6:02:06 (PR)
MOM Century: 8:56:09 (PR)
Gran Fondo Century: 9:24:32
Musselman Half: 6:05:07 (Course PR)
Rev3 Cedar Point:: 13:26:27 (PR)

2011 Race Results
Shamrock Half Marathon: 1:55:11 (PR)
3Sports Duathlon: 1:47:12
Kinetic Half-Ironman: 6:21:45 (PR)
MOM Double: 11:30:27
Musselman: DNS

2010 Race Results
JFK 20K: 1:47:06, 8:37 pace.
Shamrock Marathon: 4:25:20
Rumpus Olympic: 2:53:15
Rumpus Sprint: 1:27:15
Science Focus 5K: 24:57
Kinetic Half IM: 6:22:43
Mountains of Misery: 9:41:56
Mini-Mussel Sprint: 1:36:50
Musselman Half-Iron: 6:22:24 (PR)
Luray Sprint: 1:58:14
Ironman Wisconsin: 15:41:33


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